Wednesday, September 9, 2009

August 12, 2009

Are you kidding me that I’m this far behind?  OMG.   What have I been doing????  Oh yeah, trying to get the most amount of fun in before school started.  This is solid proof that I need a mini laptop with wireless internet so I don’t get this far behind again!!


Ok, on this day, we drove to South Carolina.  Nothing too eventful happened on our trip.  The kids did super.  Sarah did her usual “are we there yet” a million times.  I answered “YES, we ARE there!! See!!!”  Geesh!   SD532995

This sign is beautiful to me since it means we only have about 30 more minutes to get there.  This trip, we stayed on 85 to 77 (instead of taking 485) and the children got to see Charlotte’s sky line.  They were very amazed at how large the buildings were.  Nathan went crazy when he saw Panther’s stadium.  So cute.


SD533000 Mom and I escaped without children for her stamp club.  I made cards this time so I could share and not feel guilty.  All the ladies we such fun!  We made 3 projects: a beaded pen, a pop up card and punch art.  No, Tanya, I haven’t taken a picture of “her” yet… I will!


Here I am with Wanda and Beverly.


Look at all so busy working!  Oh the fun to be crafty with other women.  I had a great time and wish I lived closer to do this each month with them.

SD533002 SD533001

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cropangel said...

just finished looking at all your blogging. loved it all and the family pictures are so fun and priceless. it is the traditions and times like that that i just love.

hard to believe summer is done and all the fun vacations and staycations too.

hope you can now keep up with blogging i love seeing what you are all up to. I finally blogged today too in a bit of time.