Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11, 2009

Remember these pitiful plants???



If you don’t remember, check out THIS POST!



For those of you that did not need a refresher, or are back from reading THIS POST, here they are again.


Last night, Jason helped me get them into the ground.  If they all survive the “move”, we will be living large with way too many tomatoes and peppers to eat.   The peppers are in pots, hopefully keeping the dog out of this area.  Although, a little doggie poo poo shouldn’t hurt… right?!?!

Our neighbors were jumping up and down with excitement that we were planting.  Wonder if they think they are getting some? *wink*

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Lisa T. Howard said...

If your neighbors are going to reap what you sow...I sure wish I was your neighbor! LOL! Can you spare a bit of "green thumb" cause I could certainly use some. I am a TERRIBLE gardener! :)