Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 9, 2009

Saturday baseball!  Oh but that’s not all for today, oh no folks!!!  We have PICTURE DAY!!  Our game started at noon but we had to be there at 10am and wait.  Mind you it’s May 9th but it’s 90 degrees today!  Whew!!  I got totally sunburned on my right side.  Good thing I know the pain won’t last too long and it should turn a nice shade of brown. 

We got our butt’s handed to us on a silver platter during baseball.  The other team is WAY better than us.  Final score: 15-3.  I will proudly say that one of our runs was from Nathan!  Oh yeah, you know it. He’s the man.  Um, well, he’s the boy but you get what I mean.  I’ve been wanting to get some shots of the team up close so I got them after the game while the coaches commended them on a good game…..

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