Friday, May 8, 2009

April 28, 2009

I got a call at 1:30 am.  I’m almost drunk feeling since I just fell asleep less than 2 hours ago!  It’s Jason, he’s crying.  So hard to wake up!!!  Alright, I think I have it sort of figured out.  Jason is at the hospital, Jenny’s parents won’t talk to him, he can’t call his mom (she’s in NY and it’s long distance), the doctors aren’t telling him anything.  WHAT HAPPENED????  It was all an accident.  He feels so bad.  He ran her over.  WHAT?  He ran Jenny over with the car. 

OMG!!!  I’m awake now!

Here is Jenny’s story…. She was at the bar (Jason was working there) and sitting with some regular customers.  She got a “pretty good buzz” going but Jason only had 2 beers.  They left the bar and went home for dinner.  They went over to a friend’s house.  When they got there, a cousin (who was visiting) was outside near the fence, so they both went over to talk to him.  All of a sudden, another friend of theirs came running out of the house and sucker punched Jason.  Jenny and the cousin got in between them and stopped the “friend”.  Jason and Jenny got in the car and the “friend” threw a brick at the windshield and SHATTERED it.  Jenny thought Jason put the car in park (to get out and beat on the guy) so she opened the door.  She had one hand on the door and the other on the roof of the car.  Only Jason didn’t put the car in Park, he put it in REVERSE and mashed the gas.  Jenny was sucked under the car and it went over her right leg.  She doesn’t remember much more since she went in and out of consciousness.  She did remember that she couldn’t feel her legs and asked for them NOT to cut off her favorite shoes and shirt.. they did of course.

The kids and I went to visit her.  It was good to see her and know she was alright.  The hospital is downtown and not easy to figure out.  The parking deck is very odd and small.  Of course, I’m in a Ford F150 king cab with a 9 foot bed so that makes most things small!!  When you get on the deck, you are at the top.  Odd, very odd.  The kids found it to be very cool how we were “underground”.  Nathan wanted to play in the dirt.  No. 


Here is a good example of how we were “underground”.  The deck begins on level 8.  I think we were on level 5.  It’s actually very cool how they did the whole thing.


I have to share this instead of Jenny in her bed since I didn’t take her picture while we were up there.  Just couldn’t bring myself to photograph her so drugged up and hurting.

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The Caretaker said...

Poor Jenny. Hope all is well.