Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 23, 2009

For Christmas, Santa brought the children both bikes.  During Christmas break, I took them to the park to learn to ride them. 

Sarah wants NO part of riding her bike.  It has training wheels but it’s too high up.  She can get on but can’t get down, so she is too scared of her bike. 

Nathan is old enough to ride without training wheels.. he’s scared too.  We tried and tried but he just kept falling over so we quit for the day.  I’ve brought up several times about riding bikes and they both almost cry.  So glad Santa brought them, huh?!?!

Today, Nathan brought his bike out of the garage and just started riding!  Wha, Wha, What??!?! He practiced several times in the back yard and then we went out front.  Mind you that we are on a huge hill so I really didn’t want him out there alone “trying” to ride.  He did GREAT!!  Better than the fact that I am proud of him.. HE is proud of himself.  Way to go, little man!


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