Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 19, 2009



Let me first say that Sunday is not a fun day.   I get up before the kids and head out to Wal-mart to get my food shopping done.  I pick Sunday because Steve can stay with the children.  BUT, before you can put everything away, you have to clean out the extra water in the fridge. 

Here is the story… Stephen’s Mom gave us a fridge when we moved in this house.  What a blessing that was!!  It’s a normal fridge, nothing fancy.  We love it.  About a year ago, I noticed that water would trickle out of the bottom.  My investigation lead me to see that water leaks down the back (inside) of the fridge, under the bottom drawers.  When it gets full, it trickles down on the floor.  Out come the drawers, I sit on the floor and sponge it up into a bowl.  This has become Sarah’s most favorite thing to help me with.  I either have to do it while she’s sleeping or just let her do it.  She does a good job actually, she just takes a long time to get done!  Here she is helping me this week.  No comments on her outfit.. it’s Sunday! :-)

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