Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 8, 2009

Forgot to turn the clocks ahead. Grrrr.  I was up at 8:15 (really 9:15), dressed and off to the grocery with Nathan.  Got that done and everything put away, off to start laundry.  Then time to (finally) start working out again.  Now I’m pumped up!!!!  I gave Stephen crap about moving from in front of the computer… he’s currently addicted to online poker.  Outside we all go to wash both vehicles.  Man, it’s so nice out!  Not too cold, not too hot, perfect for being outside.


I think they turned out very nice and shiny.  Much better than that white salted look from earlier in the week!

Welcome Spring!  At least for today… later in the week it will be in the 30’s again! Grrrrr.

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