Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4, 2009

Yup, you guessed it… NO SCHOOL again today!  Whew!  I’m tired of this.  Is it possible for someone to get cabin fever in just a couple days?  Stephen is driving the truck so I’m basically stuck right here.  I have to get to the post office still and I’ve been wanting to check out a super cute store up the street.  This snow has messed up all my plans!  How dare it!  Oh and yesterday the oil ran out so we don’t have heat other than the space heaters and fireplace in the back.  Oh but wait, there is no more wood!  Told you we’d run out!  But this girl isn’t stupid, she knows just were to be on a cold, snowy day…..


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Katamommy said...

Oh no! I hope y'all stay warm and school gets back in session soon!