Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 1, 2009

Holy Kamoly!  Can you say SNOW?!?!?!  Stephen said it was going to be bad this weekend but we had no idea how bad.  At first, they said 3-5 inches in our area.  Then they changed to 4-6 and finally 5-8.  Take a look……

SD531427 SD531428

No biggie, right?!  It had been snowing about an hour when we got the kids ready to go out in it.  The kids next door came over.  Then Steve came out to clean off the truck so the ice wouldn’t be trouble in the morning.. couldn’t resist a chance to get a picture of us together!!

SD531430 SD531432

As you can tell, we LOVE it!!  It was still snowing that’s why there are bright white things in his face!  We were in full ski gear and loving every minute of it!!!

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