Thursday, February 19, 2009

February 17, 2009

SD531352  Today is Nathan’s appointment at the Allergist.  We had no idea what to expect.  After the Dr. examined him and asked 1,000 questions, we were brought into another room.  First are the scratch tests on his back.  If I counted right, there were 40 and she was done in about 1 minute.  He laughed thru the whole thing until they started to itch.  The one on his left shoulder started itching right away so I took this so he could see.  Some of them were red but that top left one was huge after 15 minutes. SD531356 Next were the prick tests.  All the ones that weren’t positive on the scratch tests had to be done on his arm again.  This first picture is  before the pricks and he was feeling pretty good.  There are 37 lines there.  He had to sit on my lap, facing me, while 2 other nurses held on to him.  He watched each and every needle go into his arm.  He did tell the nurses that they were hurting him several times but never once looked away or cried.  When they left, he looked at me so sad and said “that really hurt, mama”.  I told him he could cry since they left the room and he said no. I asked him if I could cry and he said NO!  Look at how many of SD531360 them got big.  The list of things that he’s allergic to is pretty long but the degree he’s allergic is very small.  His biggest trouble right now is Dust and dust mites.  We have to encase his pillows, mattress and box spring.  Also, try to keep the cats off his bed.. yeah right.  The Dr. even said good luck with that.  I’m very proud of Nathan today.  That was a lot for a 7 year old to go thru and he did spectacular.

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